Our Grand Master

M.W. Bro. Rajeev R. Khandelwal, OSM

M.W. Bro. Rajeev R. Khandelwal, OSM

M.W. Bro. Rajeev R. Khandelwal, OSM is a Practicing Chartered Accountant and is a Partner in a firm of Chartered Accountant M/S Rajeev M Khandelwal and Company, Nagpur. Born in 1956, he did his schooling in Kamptee and Nagpur, and graduated from G.S. Commerce College, Nagpur. He is also a Bachelor of Law from Nagpur. He was an acclaimed academician and cleared all his exams with distinction. He was a tutor and was regularly taking classes for C.A. Intermediate and final students for Taxation, Accounts and Audit. For 6 years, he was a visiting lecturer in the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, DBM classes for financial management. He was a visiting lecturer at the Tirpude College for MBA classes. He is a National Trainer of the Indian Junior Chamber and has conducted Personality and Human Relation Development courses for Jaycees, Lions, Rotary, Power Grid, NTPC, WCL, and many other organizations, all over India. He is an expert in Chairmanship and Parliamentary Procedure Courses. Hence he is a much sought after Trainer in Social circles. He is a Graduate of National School of Leadership and Development of Jaycees (NALANDA), and has been closely associated with Indian Society for Training and Development. He is also a graduate of the Lions Clubs International Leadership Institute. He represented his college in Nagpur University Chess competition, and also won the first prestigious “All India Moot Court Competition”, competing with 29 Universities in New Delhi in 1979. He is also a faculty for the Teachers and Officers Training Institute at Nagpur. He has travelled all over the country for Training, which is his passion.

He is very active in social service organizations and has made a name for himself as an outstanding social worker. In Jaycees he was adjudged the Outstanding Jaycee of Maharashtra in 1989, Outstanding Jaycee of India in 1990 and Outstanding Jaycee of Asia and Pacific Countries in 1991. The last award was begged by him in competition with the entries of 26 other countries, in Cebu, Philippines. He was also adjudged as the Outstanding Club President of IJC Maharashtra in 1990. In lions, he was the Past President of Lions Club of Nagpur Gondwana and the club won 32 awards in his tenure, which is an all time record. He also won 5 Multiple District Awards in Lions Multiple District 323. He was awarded the International President’s Club President Excellence Award, and has won 12 International president’s Excellence certificates, a record by itself for a lion in Nagpur. He also graduated from the Senior Lions Leadership institute from Tunisia, Africa and has been a faculty for the District Leadership Institute. He has won many awards in Lions including the prestigious Outstanding Lion of the District in 2006 and International president’s Distinct Leadership Medal. He has held almost all important posts in his Lionistic District. He was the Global Leadership Co-Ordinator for the years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17, and won the International President’s Recognition Award in 2017.

He joined Lodge Gondwana No. 226 in 1984 and soon went on to become its wor. Master. He was given an active office of Inner Guard in the Region and thereafter he was given an active rank throughout his Journey in the Region, till he became The Regional Grand Master in 2009. The Region progressed tremendously during his regime and started many a first time projects in the RGLWI. Active Officers Training Workshop, 2 Senior Citizen’s Home at Nagpur, CDs for all Lodges which included all the forms of the GLI and RGLWI, making Ashlar mandatory for all Brethren of the Region, planning all 6 meetings of the 3 years even before taking oath of the RGM, Massive digitisation and creation of data Base in the Region, reactivating all the Masonic Centres, starting Provident Fund for the Regional Grand Lodge Staff etc were few of the many a firsts for the Region. He cleared all the old outstanding Income Tax and Trust Returns of the Region, which were pending since long. The membership and the finances in the Region grew during his Regime, as well as the number of Lodges. He activated all the Masonic Centres of the Region.

He is Past Deputy GM in Craft, Past 2nd Principal in Chapter and Past Dy GM in Mark as well. He is also a member of the Grand Board for over a decade continuously and has headed the finance Committee on 3 occasions. He has been a member of the Procedure and Protocol committee, constitution committee, as well as of the Foreign Affairs committee of the GLI at some time or the other. He is an active member of the Grand Board. He received his OSM at the hands of M.W. Bro. Capt. Dr Balram Biswakumar in 2012. He was unanimously elected the Grand Master Elect in 2017.

He is happily married to Bandana and has 2 sons, Shantanu and Siddartha, both Chartered Accountants. Incidentally he is a practicing Chartered Accountant himself.